5 Frequently Asked Questions on Title Loans

Do I need car insurance to get a title loan?

The answer? Not necessarily. While there are stipulations to qualifying for a title loan, vehicle insurance is not one. Below is a list of Victory Title Loan requirements required for approval of a title pawn funding in the state of Georgia: • 18 years of age • Vehicle registered in your name • You have the title to your vehicle with no liens • Vehicle in working order • Vehicle date of purchase not within the past 30 days • Vehicle title was not issued on a surety bond and vehicle is not re-built or flood damaged • You are not a member of the Armed forces on active duty or a dependent of such a member.

What happens if I do not have car insurance? If you damage your vehicle without car insurance, you must pay for all repairs out of pocket, as a damaged vehicle will lose collateral value. Note: this may amount to several thousands of dollars in repairs. This is why maintaining auto insurance at all times is important, especially if you do not have the vehicle on a clear title. Please note that state law may require that you maintain some form of auto insurance.

Can I have more than one title loan on the same vehicle? The answer is no. If you are already making payments on a vehicle, you cannot reuse it as collateral for further loans on it until the first loan is paid off.

How long will it take me to repay my title pawn? The length of repayment is entirely up to you. It could be in less than a month or you could choose to repay over several months. In order to repay the pawn you must pay some amount above the current interest charges each month and your payments must be on or before your payment date.

What are the benefits of a Title Pawn funding from Victory Title Pawn? • We fund your money immediately • Keep your car while you spend the cash • Pawn amounts are based on the value of your vehicle • We work with bad credit or no credit • The amount of time you have the title pawn is controlled by you • We are the first truly on-line title pawn source that funds your money immediately.

If you need quick cash call Victory Title Pawn at 770-941-2212 or apply online today at www.victorytitlepawn.com

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