8 Easy Ways To Earn Extra Money in Your Pocket

Pay off debts quicker, save up for retirement, or pocket some extra spending money – there are several methods to make more money, even if you work full time. Here are 8 super fast and easy ways to earn extra money in your pocket every month.

How to Earn Extra Money?

1. Scan Purchased Products. Scan for rewards! You can now enter the barcodes on the back of your purchased items using the Nielsen Homescan app and earn tons of rewards. Yep, you heard right. Earn free rewards just for picking up dinner tonight at the grocery store. So how does it work exactly? After signing up, you will receive a free scanner or simply download the app on your smartphone. Each time you shop, simply scan the barcodes on the back of each product, record information like where you shopped and how much you paid, and submit. It’s that easy. So what’s the benefit in participating? Earn redeemable points for all products you and your family purchase. For every week you scan, you will increase your opportunity for more points and prizes. Rewards range from cash, Visa reward cards, Amazon gift cards, and a sweepstakes Grand Prize drawing worth $20,000! Join the National Consumer Panel (NCP) today, start scanning and earning points!

2. Reading Emails. Checking your email everyday can pay, big time. For those that have limited free time, this side gig might be just for you! Whether you’re a stay at home parent or constantly in between meetings, get cash for reading advertiser’s paid emails. With verified websites such as Inbox Dollars, you can earn up to $100-$250 per month and even more for clicking and visiting the their sites. Earn extra cash by completing their online surveys, playing games, or trying new product samples. Creating an account is free plus Inbox Dollars will give you $5 for signing up! Once you accumulate $30 or more in earnings, you can “cash-out” and receive a check in the mail.

3. Stop Searching with Google. Internet shopping? You may not be aware that you can earn rewards each time you browse with Bing. Microsoft wants to reward you with redeemable points every time you make a search, shop, or browse from Windows and Microsoft stores. Cash in your points for goodies which include movies, music, games, gift cards, and more!

4. Participate in an online jury. Jury duty isn’t something that we often get excited about, but what if it paid to serve on a case without having to leave the comforts of home? No need in calling a babysitter. Now that we can get on board with! Help attorneys determine audience response in online mock trials by serving on a panel of jurors and get paid for it! While these are not real trials, they are tools used in preparation for other court case presentations.

5. Adjust Your Tax Withholding. Why wait until your tax return to get the extra monthly money you need right now? If you’re receiving a large return each spring you should amend your tax withholding amount to minimize the deductions from your paycheck, increasing your monthly earnings. Request a W-4 form from your company’s human resources or payroll office and claim additional allowances. This should increase your take-home pay with every paycheck. Not sure how many to claim? Calculate the appropriate number of allowances using a withholding calculator.

6. Redeem Your Check or Credit Card Reward Points. Does your bank offer a rewards program? If so and you do not have a rewards account, consider signing up today! Many bank corporations offer a percentage back with every purchase you make. This incentive is great, if you remember to redeem your earnings! However, billions of US dollars are left unredeemed and forgotten about. Get some extra cash in your pocket by claiming your reward points. When choosing a rewards card, there are multiple rewards to consider. You can never go wrong with cash back, over points or miles, as credit card companies can increase rates accordingly.

7. Become an Uber driver. If you are at least 21 years old and have a valid U.S. driver’s license, you could make extra money on the side as an Uber driver, up to $25 hourly on average of 1.3 rides per hour. While this flexible fare allows you to choose your own hours, don’t forget to account for the added costs of vehicle maintenance, including gas, car insurance, and regular cleaning. Not to mention the 20% Uber commission and fees.

8. Search for Unclaimed Property. Find money out of thin air! Well almost. Yes, it’s possible to find money you don’t know about. It’s like finding money from the couch cushion, but better! In unclaimed properties, companies are unable to pay consumers money owed to them, which is awarded to the state. Billions of U.S. dollars collected every year without claim of ownership. See if you have any money owed to you.

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